...and if the TrainCam don't work...

First of all, please realize that this is no small task.

TrainCam is a joint project of Greg McMurry and Glenn Neufeld.  Glenn and I are completely nuts about using computers to do something that we have never seen before.  It is likely that you will have some trouble getting this thing to run on your machine.

We have had trouble with the following:

    1. MACs of all types - Unless you are trying to print a "happy birthday" banner we think they are pretty useless anyway.
    2. Slow connections - 56K just works.  Slower and you need to bring a sack lunch.
    3. Slow computers - com'on, you can buy a 600 mhz Athlon now for under a grand!  Why are you trying this stuff with no power.
    4. Early Browsers - Now, I don't know what to say here.  Netscape is free.  IE is just about free, Bill Gates tries to put it on your machine everytime you buy any software.  What's your excuse for having Netscape Navigator 3.0.  WE ARE UP TO WAY OVER 4.5!

The TRAINCAM page you may try to load, is generated with normal HTML script and JAVA.  The principal device used (when we first wrote this page) was Webcam32 JavaPush.  It works pretty good.  If we have updated the page without updating this page, I am sorry.  I do have better things to do than write corrections to my 500 mb web site.  Actually, I would rather add stuff than correct stuff.  Its my ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) clicking in.  I have to keep moving like a shark or I think I will die.  No going backwards no fixing old stuff.  "Just keep on a truckin' "

Here Are A Few Things To Try

We hope to have many interactive elements for you to mess with, but we only started this 6 months ago.